Top 7 Italian food in Kristiansand, Southern Norway, Norway

December 7, 2019 Stefan Strunk

Discover Restaurants offering the best Italian food in Kristiansand, Southern Norway, Norway. Breathtaking Kristiansand was first settled in the early 5th century, with its modern iteration founded by King Christian IV in the mid 1600s. Home to many cultural, music, and arts festivals, the Norwegian city pulses with creative energy. Several museums celebrate local history and natural features, and the trails of Odderoyja are a wonderful way to breathe in fresh air while mingling with locals. Historic Oddernes church is a blend of architectural styles.
Things to do in Kristiansand

7. Little Eataly

Sorlandssenteret, Barstolveien, Kristiansand Norway Italian [email protected] +47 464 19 813
Little Eataly

Get a little taste of Italy without acually having to go there. Pizza and pasta the way it should be made.

Reviewed By lroy89

The pizza is really good, I especially like the one named Diavola Good flavor, fresh ingredients and the pizza is thin and crispy.

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6. Restaurant Skrubbsulten Tinnheia

Tinnheiveien 20, Kristiansand 4629 Norway Italian, Mexican, Fast Food, European, Diner, Norwegian Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +47 38 03 23 00
Restaurant Skrubbsulten Tinnheia

Reviewed By Jan-Erik Søvik H

Vi var 10 venner som spiste her en torsdag kveld før påske. Vi valgte forskjellige retter og vi som valgte Pizza var ikke helt fornøyd. Litt tørr og litt svidd i bunnen. Smaken ellers var god.De som valgte andre retter var godt fornøyd, så det ble en blandet opplevelse. Derav ikke full score.

Top 10 restaurants in Kristiansand, Norway

5. La Pizza

Idunveien 13, Kristiansand 4632 Norway Italian, Pizza, Neapolitan, Campania, Southern-Italian Dinner, Lunch [email protected] +47 414 16 500
La Pizza

Neapolitan style pizza in Kristiansand! We build a shipping container into a pizza store from where we're serving neopolitan style pizza as take away. Welcome!

Reviewed By Davide S

I ordered a friarielli pizza, the pizzaiolo was busy with other orders but, in 5 minutes my pizza was ready... I tasted it and it was seriously better than many pizzas I have ever tasted in Italy ... ( I’m italian ) ( fresh Italian sausage,real friarielli, well grown up dough, slightly crunchy on the edges and juicy inner part ... credit to the pizzaiolo! I’ll definitely come back !

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4. Jonas B. Kristiansand

Raadhusgata 10 Torvkvartalet, Kristiansand 4611 Norway Italian, Pizza, European Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks, Late Night Highchairs Available, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Free Wifi, Table Service [email protected] +47 38 09 18 18
Overall Ratings

3 based on 121 reviews

Jonas B. Kristiansand

So much more than just good food and drinks! If you can´t make up your mind on what you want to eat - Italian or American cuisine - Jonas B. is the place to go. Situated right in the heart of Kristiansand, our restaurant gives you the best of both worlds

Reviewed By 298eivindh

Apprentices was alright, but nothing special. We had neapolitan style pizza for mains, but sadly they where not cooked properly. The restaurant boast of their large Italian imported pizza oven, but it seems that the chef dont know how to use it. The pizzas where doughy. I tried the tiramisu for dessert, a bit to dry.. Sadly... The service was very slow, our drinks took forever to reach our table...

Top 10 International food in Kristiansand, Southern Norway, Norway

3. Bellini

Markens gate 8c, Kristiansand 4611 Norway Italian Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Delivery, Buffet, Street Parking, Free Wifi [email protected] +47 993 15 050
Overall Ratings

4 based on 80 reviews


Bakery, Restaurant & Deli beliggende in the middle of Kristiansand. Italian pizza, pasta and antipasti in a modern environment

Reviewed By JustReviewingFood

Rustic, comfy looking restaurant. Nice and pleasant service.We ordered a bread basket while waiting for our main dishes. The basket was full of bread, maybe a tick too much (we could never have eaten it all) - nontheless, the bread was delicious. I wish we had gotten little bit of olive oil to dip the bread in, but I guess I could have asked.Our main dishes were the medium rare entrecôte and their vegetarian lasagne. The meat was a little thicker at one end, leading to it being rather rare than medium rare - but if you like medium rare meat, rare shouldn't matter. Delicious mushroom sauce with grilled bell pepper, grilled tomatoes and aspargus, and perfectly cooked potatoes.The vegetarian lasagne was a bit different. It was not hot, and not exactly warm either - the centre actually rather cold. There was nothing else on the plate besides lasagne and sauce - a few slices of veggies would have done just the trick here. The lasagne tasted actually rather good, but it has to be warm.Overall, the food has room for improvements, but the waiters were nice and the restaurant had a nice ambience.Hi! Thank you for your constructive review - after reading we apologise for our mistakes, and hope you will be open to trying out our restaurant again. This is not how it should be.

Most Popular Grill food in Kristiansand, Southern Norway, Norway

2. SVAL gelato og kaffe

Markens gate 9, Kristiansand 4610 Norway Italian, European, Norwegian Breakfast, Lunch [email protected] +47 920 50 646
Overall Ratings

5 based on 22 reviews

SVAL gelato og kaffe

SVAL gelato og kaffe is the only local gelateria in Kristiansand, where we create genuine handmade gelato from the purest and best ingredients.

Reviewed By i47

Wow! Just recently opened in Kristiansand! Finally after years of missing Italian-inspired gelato in Kristiansand (where you are only served "soft is", and expensive Hennig Olsen mass-produced ice cream in other bars) - SVAL has arrived! The ice-cream is made in-house, so many brilliant flavours, amazing gelato and sorbet, enthusiastic staff, great coffee. The interior is clean, minimalist, like somewhere you would find in Milan (certainly not southern Norway!) with nice tables outside for Norwegian "passeggiata" on the main Markens gate. The prices are pretty good too, to be in Norway, with generous helpings! I have been here several times, as in hot weather nothing is better than white-chocolate pistachio gelato, and a strong americano. Save the flight to Milan, just go to Sval! So happy to have such a nice place to indulge in Kristiansand!

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1. La Famiglia

Vestre Strandgate 22 Børsparken, Kristiansand 4611 Norway Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean, European Dinner, Late Night, Drinks Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Private Dining, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Digital Payments, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Television, [email protected] +47 22 22 90 50
Overall Ratings

4 based on 352 reviews

La Famiglia

Welcome to La Famiglia! At La Famiglia, we bring the authentic flavors of Italy to you. From our warm hospitality to our delicious, handmade recipes, you will experience true Italian cuisine at its finest. We look forward to seeing you. Ciao!

Reviewed By Inkswan

I have gone to this restaurant three with my husband and I loved all of my visits. The restaurant has a really cozy and romantic atmosphere thanks to all the candles, flowers and more yellow tinted lamps rather than bright ones. The restaurant is covered all over in interesting Italian themed decorations to match the theme as well.The menu has various interesting dishes on it and one of the details that I love is that you can ask to customize your order a bit as well. For example, I cannot eat gluten so I would ask to have the parts with gluten removed or replaced with something else. The pasta and pizza can be ordered gluten-free as well mostly.Being able to eat something else than salad in restaurants is already wonderful to me but being able to choose between multiple dishes is completely new to me. I don't eat out a whole lot but this place has certainly left an impression on me!I also love the attention to small details like their small trick with the dessert menu.

Southern Norway, Norway Food Guide: 10 Norwegian food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Kristiansand

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