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January 14, 2020 Vergie Nakamoto

Best Vietnamese restaurants nearby. Discover the best Vietnamese food in Norco. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Vietnamese restaurants near you.. Norco is a city in Riverside County, California, in the United States. According to city ordinances, the architecture of Norco “shall reflect a desired Western theme,” including qualities “described as rural, informal, traditional, rustic, low-profile and equestrian oriented.”
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1. Pho Amor Noodle & Grill

2822 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860-1929 Vietnamese [email protected] +1 951-279-3458
Pho Amor Noodle & Grill

Reviewed By Craig C

When you think of Norco, California (aka 'Horsetown U.S.A.), Vietnamese food probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. There are a few Vietnamese restaurants around, but Pho Amor has been the best I've experienced so far.It's a typical strip mall-sized restaurant with about 10 tables, and it's very clean with ample free parking. Pricing is pretty typical and seems just slightly higher than in similar restaurants in Westminster, but they have a lot more competition there. Nothing too significant. Besides, portion sizes are pretty substantial. And, if you're a teacher in the local school district (CNUSD), just show your ID to get an additional 10% off.The food is good and, as some of my Vietnamese friends say, "it tastes authentic". One of them ate there 3 times this past week. The fried rice is quite tasty with a depth of flavor and tender meats that you don't often find. Another friend of mine who adheres to a very strict diet where they don't eat rice or anything fried, will make an exception solely for the fried rice here. The pho is also very good, and very welcome on the cold and windy evening when we went.It seems family-owned, and all the staff was very attentive and genuinely seemed to want to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. Everyone thanked us and waved when we left, and the woman even came to the front door and was thanking us again as we got into our car. Unfortunately, I was so anxious to eat my food that I neglected to take pictures (I know...Yelp blasphemy), but I did get a photo of my Cookies and Kool Kreme smoothie which was rather delicious (kind of like an Andes chocolate mint milkshake). It's definitely worth paying a visit.

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2. Little Saigon Norco

2650 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860-1924 Vietnamese Lunch, Dinner +1 951-736-0101

Reviewed By Joe M

I love having Vietnamese food while I travel - it's usually light and delicious. I spotted this restaurant while spending the night in Corona so I decided to take a quick spin up here. I hate to say it but I almost always order spring rolls and pho - and today was no exception. That being said there's also a surprising variety of flavors and quality when ordering these basic 2. Although my favorite remains my first Vietnamese place in Randolph MA, the food here was quite good and I'd be happy to go again.Fair warning - this place was getting quite busy in the early evening, mid week. The price of popularity!

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3. Lux Vietnamese Kitchen

2650 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860-1924 Vietnamese +1 951-407-1212

Reviewed By Davidh1900

Is third time a charm? This is the third Vietnamese restaurant to occupy this space on Hamner Ave. The first lasted for years but totally lost its way toward the end. The second had a great menu and good service but survived for only a few months. I am not Vietnamese and do not pretend to any special expertise, but I had an office in Santa Ana for years and ate Vietnamese food approximately once a week and this third try is as good as anything in the OC. Absolutely delicious pho and enough other options to keep me totally happy. Service is super friendly and prices are super reasonable. Norco is fine for hamburgers and Mexican food but this is a chance to enjoy the best in Vietnamese without ever dealing with the 91. Highly recommended!

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