Things To Do in Mercado de Abastos, Restaurants in Mercado de Abastos

  • 10 Things to Do in San Fernando That You Shouldn't Miss

    Discover the best top things to do in San Fernando, Spain including Panteon de Marinos Ilustres, Playa de la Barrosa, Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir, Playa de Camposoto, Playa Victoria, Mercado de Abastos, Puente de la Constitucion de 1812, Ermita de Santa Ana, Castillo Sancti Petri, Natural Park of Cadiz Bay.

  • Top 10 Things to do in Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

    Chiclana de la Frontera (Spanish pronunciation: [tʃiˈklana ðe la fɾonˈteɾa]) is a town and municipality in southwestern Spain, in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, near the Gulf of Cádiz. It belongs to the association of municipalities of the Bay of Cádiz (Bahía de Cádiz), the provincial capital of Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, San Fernando, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real and Rota which form the third largest metropolitan area in Andalusia, behind Seville and Málaga, and the twelfth largest in Spain. It is located 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-east from Cádiz, and borders the municipalities of San Fernando and Puerto Real to the north. In 1877, the municipality's population was 11,677; in 2012, it was 81,473. It has a surface area is 203 square kilometres (78 sq mi) and a population density of 401 inhabitants / km². The average elevation is 11 metres (36 ft) above sea level. The economy depends largely upon modern industry, especially salt processing and tourism, and the municipality is known for its beaches such as the 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) long Playa de la Barrosa, hotels and golf courses in the resort of Novo Sancti Petri. The municipality contains the largest number of hotel beds in the Province of Cádiz and the Costa de la Luz. The town's newspaper, Chiclana Información, is distributed on Saturday mornings.

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