Things To Do in Areco Tradicion, Restaurants in Areco Tradicion

  • What to do and see in Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Best Places and Tips

    Buenos Aires (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbwenos ˈaiɾes], Provincia de Buenos Aires; English: "good airs") is the largest and most populous Argentinian province. It takes the name from the city of Buenos Aires, which used to be part of the province and the provincial capital until it was federalized in 1880. Since then, in spite of bearing the same name, the province does not include the national capital city proper, though it does include all other localities of the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area surrounding it. The current capital of the province is the city of La Plata, founded in 1882.

  • Top 10 Things to do in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

    A compact small town nearly 70 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco is in the heart of the Argentine Pampas region. It’s a great 1½-hour day trip by car or bus from Buenos Aires—or the perfect jumping-off point for those who choose to visit at a nearby estancia, or a traditional large rural ranch and estate. Major attractions here include the colonial sights of San Antonio de Areco itself, the Museum of the Gaucho (which celebrates Argentine cowboys), and a variety of estancias themselves, which are located within two hours of San Antonio de Areco. If you don’t feel like planning your own itinerary, several tour and travel companies will coordinate your visit and arrange your estancia stay.

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